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June 30

Holiday Parties - Book Now!

A holiday party is a great opportunity to thank customers and reconnect with friends. Whether you would like to have a large or small gathering, for business contacts or family, Valley Catering can provide the perfect, stress-free service for your event.

Thinking of something fun for guests to do at a holiday party can be a little tricky! You think about all of the criteria you make up in your head (it should be easy. have few rules, must be interesting) and just give up. Don’t! We’ve compiled a variety of games and activities that are easy, fun, and go-over well with a variety of people.

Our suggestions:

  • Charades
  • Karaoke:: make it more exciting with props (hats, glasses, etc.) for guests to dress up as their favorite artists
  • Bingo:: Gift cards to local restaurants for prizes
  • Ugly Sweater Challenge:: Guests are encouraged to wear their “ugliest” holiday sweater. Make it more exciting by secretly assigning a judge who will choose a winner during the party. (the winner being the one with the ugliest sweater!)
  • Who am I?
  • Name that Song:: play snippets of holiday songs and have guests “buzz in” (make sure to select songs from different genres and some without lyrics!)
  • Secret Santa
  • White Elephant Gift Exchange
  • Find a Reindeer:: Buy a few stuffed holiday animals from a Dollar Store and tie gift certificates/prize to the animal. Hide the animals very well (under tables, behind larger items) and tell guests it’s “finders keepers”!
  • Holiday Count:: Decorate your party with a theme, such as snowmen, and take it to the extreme. Asks guests to write down their name and how many of that item (i.e. snowman) they think are in the room. The closest number gets the prize!
  • Casino Night

Looking for a nice place to hold that get-together? Don’t forget about the Clubhouse at Adair, home of Valley Catering and beautifully decorated for the holidays.

And if you’d like to plan a “Stress Free Post Holiday” party in January, we can help with that too! Call us at 541-745-7455 to discuss available dates, times and menus.

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