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Minimum order: 30 guests

Each includes sparkling raspberry lemonade

Add gluten-free crackers or substitute cucumber slices as gluten-free friendly alternative on select menu items

Crostini with trio of spreads: tapenade, roasted red pepper and parmesan artichoke 
Antipasto platter with provolone, smoked cheddar, a variety of salami, pepperoncini and olives, served with mustards and sliced baguette
Sliced red potato salad in herbed vinaigrette
Tuscan white bean salad with roasted zucchini and red peppers tossed in a parmesan-rosemary dressing
Caesar salad
Sliced melon with fresh mint
$14.95 per person

Teriyaki chicken skewers 
Coconut rice
Valley’s famous macaroni salad with a touch of smoked cheddar
Lime-ginger slaw
Platter of broccoli, pepper strips, carrots, celery and baby corn served with a creamy curry dip
Citrus fruit salad

$14.95 per person

Tuscan chicken breast with sage, parmesan and prosciutto in a creamy white wine sauce
Herb and olive oil marinated olives
Sweet pepper risotto
Green beans drizzled with a Romesco vinaigrette
House-made hummus platter with cucumber, feta, and olives with pita bread 
Caprese platter
Mixed garden greens salad with house-made dressings

$16.95 per person

Moroccan chicken thighs
Roasted cauliflower with dates
Rice with lemon and fresh spinach
Cucumber salad with red onions and a Moroccan vinaigrette
House-made hummus platter with cucumber, feta and olives with pita bread wedges
Fresh grapes
$14.95 per person

Rum runner pork loin
Cuban black beans
Roasted sweet potatoes
Spinach salad with mango, coconut, almonds and house-made dressings
Sliced pineapple
$15.95 per person

Sliced roasted turkey breast and marinated flank steak, served chilled
Platter of sliced provolone, smoked cheddar and havarti , rolls , horseradish cream, honey mustard and stone ground mustard
Sliced red potatoes and grape tomatoes tossed in a vinaigrette
Tender green beans with hazelnut vinaigrette and grape tomatoes
Salad Caprese: tomatoes layered with fresh mozzarella and basil , drizzled with balsamic reduction
Fresh fruit salad
$16.95 per person

Sesame crusted salmon with teriyaki glaze, served with lemon wedges
Grilled flank steak sliced and topped with mandarin orange relish, served with rolls
Vegetable fried rice
Thai noodle sauté with vegetables and a flavorful peanut sauce
Green beans drizzled with a creamy ginger and sesame dressing
Lime-ginger slaw
$19.95 per person


Bavarian beer over egg noodles, served with rolls
Cucumber salad with sliced red onions and dill vinaigrette
Braised sweet and sour red cabbage
Warm herbed potato salad
Buttered green beans with mushrooms and onions

$15.95 per person


Roasted salmon
Steamer clams
Yukon gold potatoes
Corn on the cobb
Spinach salad with roasted hazelnuts, cranberries, blue cheese and balsamic vinaigrette
Sourdough bread

$23.95 per person


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January 2017

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