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Includes a bread basket and sparkling raspberry lemonade

ONE ENTRÉE $16.95 per person

TWO ENTRÉES $19.95 per person

Crisp romaine lettuce, julienned red onion, parmesan, herb croutons and a creamy Caesar dressing

Mixed garden greens with house-made dressings

Summer spinach salad with sliced strawberries, coconut, almonds, with mango and poppy seed dressings

Watermelon, feta and cucumber in mixed greens with poppy seed dressing

Chopped kale, cabbage, and carrots with cranberries, apples, hazelnuts, and house made dressing


Fresh fruit salad

Asparagus spears (seasonal): served with a choice of one: roasted garlic aioli citrus herb vinaigrette

Cucumber salad: thin cucumber slices and julienned red onion, choice of one: dill vinaigrette, sour cream dressing

Fresh green beans with choice of one: bacon and bleu cheese vinaigrette, hazelnut vinaigrette with grape tomatoes, creamy sesame ginger

Roasted corn and zucchini tossed in light vinaigrette and garnished with crumbled feta and red onion

Caprese Platter (seasonal): tomatoes layered with fresh mozzarella, basil, balsamic reduction drizzle

Sliced red potatoes with black olives and grape tomatoes, tossed in a herb vinaigrette

Quinoa salad with dried cranberries, fresh apple, carrot and green onion tossed in a light lemon dressing

Seasonal pasta salad

Summer panzanella: grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and toasted bread tossed with pesto vinaigrette

Tuscan white bean salad with roasted zucchini and red peppers tossed in a parmesan-rosemary dressing

Corn salad with pepitas, cilantro, cojita cheese, and ancho chili dressing

Wild rice salad with olives, carrots and green onion tossed in a zesty lemon-garlic dressing

Confetti rice

Jeweled couscous with dried fruit and herbs

Red potatoes roasted with garlic and rosemary

Risotto with fresh baby spinach, peas and lemon zest

Roasted fingerling potatoes with parmesan

Warm herbed potato salad

Wild rice pilaf


Colorful peppers stuffed with quinoa, beans and vegetables (gluten-free and/or vegan available)

Farfalle with browned butter, and asparagus (seasonal)

Florentine ravioli with basil pesto sauce

Farfalle with sautéed spinach, mushroom, grape tomatoes and parmesan

Roasted summer vegetables and tomatoes over creamy polenta

Seasonal squash stuffed with confetti rice (gluten-free and/or vegan available)

Valley spanakopita: phyllo layered with spinach and feta

Cheese tortellini with roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and parmesan chese

Pan seared chicken breast with choice of topping:
-Asian plum sauce
-Lemon-thyme glaze
-Creamy lemon caper
-Chipotle orange marmalade
-Balsamic with olives and walnuts
-Roasted grape tomatoes with basil and parmesan

Artichoke heart, goat cheese and lemon stuffed chicken breast in a light cream sauce

Chicken breast stuffed with pesto and ricotta, topped with fresh tomato vinaigrette

Panko crusted chicken breast with creamy champagne-chive sauce

Tuscan chicken breast with sage, parmesan and prosciutto in a creamy white wine sauce

Hazelnut crusted chicken breast with creamy Oregon bleu cheese sauce

Beer braised chicken thighs

Salmon, choice of:
-Oregon white wine and citrus poached served with dill sauce
-Smokey glazed with dill sauce and lemon wedges
-Sesame crusted with teriyaki glaze served with lemon wedges
-Balsamic glaze
-Baked with orange-ginger marmalade glaze

Cod Olympia- baked cod topped with caramelized onions and creamy parmesan

Farfalle tossed with baby shrimp and a creamy tomato sauce

Baked sole Provençal with tomatoes, onion and garlic

If you would like to serve wild salmon, availability and current market prices will apply

Grilled marinated flank steak with choice of:
-Fresh tomato basil salsa
-Corn relish
-Wild mushroom pesto

Pork loin with choice of:
-Dijon glaze
-Orange gremolata
-Caramelized onions and apples

Grilled flat iron steak with choice of:
-Bleu cheese shallot butter
-Wine reduction with mushrooms

Prime rib available for $23.95 per person

Seasonal menu available May/June through September/October Linen and china rental is available. Please see policies for terms and additional fees.


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January 2017



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