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Your Wedding Day

  • The Clubhouse at Adair hosts a wedding reception.
  • The bride arriving at the altar.  Photo: Herma Ornes Photography
  • Guests at a wedding watch the couple say their vows on the Clubhouse at Adair.
  • Gift table. The bride and groom decorated the clubhouse with matted photos. Photo: Herma Ornes Photography
  • Guests go through a wedding buffet line.

When it comes to your wedding day, everything should be perfect! Partner with Valley Catering to ensure a fabulous, worry-free meal and friendly service your guests will rave about.

We can work with you to host your wedding ceremony and reception at our beautiful Adair Clubhouse. The Adair Clubhouse offers an atmosphere that can make even a large wedding feel intimate. Summer weddings can take full advantage of the landscaped patio for the ceremony. Afterwards we will transform the patio into a reception area without your friends and family having to lift a finger.

If you have already decided on a location for your wedding reception, don’t fret, we cater off-site too. See our wedding vendor list for recommended venues.

Valley Catering knows how important food is to the wedding celebration and reflecting the personalities of the happy couple. We can advise on how to create the mood you want and suggest menus for every budget. To get started, take a look at our Reception , Buffet Dinner , Dinners from Around the World , Summer Celebration , Alcohol List or we can customize a menu just for you!

When you plan your wedding with Valley Catering what’s included?

Extras-please check our contract and we are more than happy to write a bid for you.

Keep an eye out for our Annual Tasting & Open House we hold in January. It’s a fantastic way to experience our service, sample items from our menus and get a taste of our alcohol selection.

Personalized tastings are available as well. The $100 fee which will be deducted from your bill if you book our services.

If you have any questions, or would like to set up an appointment please call 541-745-7455 or email: