Frequently asked questions

Does my insurance pay for hearing aids?

Many of the major health insurance providers as well as medicare supplemental plans, now provide assistance in purchasing hearing aids. As an independant supplier, Wills Hearing is proud to be affiliated with all of the above. We will even process any paperwork for you.

Will people be able to see my hearing aids?

With the new technology we have available, our hearing aids are very discrete and are so small, it would be hard for for someone else to notice them. If your examination indicates hearing loss and that you'd benefit from a hearing aid, you'll be presented with both Behind-The-Ear (BTE) and In-The-Ear (ITE) options - some are more visible than others. Recently, we heard of a client who thought her friends did see them because one of them asked her if she had one. Later she learned the question was not due to it being visible, but because the person wasn't having to repeat themselves or talk in an elevated manner for her to hear.

What benefits can I expect from wearing a Hearing Aid?

Other than the obvious one (improved hearing), some of the less expected benefits that many people are pleasantly surprised to notice, are:

  • Better relationships with friends and family

  • Improved mental health and faculties

  • Greater independance and security

  • Social confidence improvement

How do I choose the right hearing aid device?

At Wills Hearing, we have experience with many different device manufacturers and can help you navigate this path - we consider ourselves agnostic from a device selection perpsective. There is no single solution for all since everyone has different requirements. For example, do you want the hearing aid "In-The-Ear" or "Behind-The-Ear"? We'll also ensure you are informed about things you probably didn't know, such as which devices are "locked" (meaning that you can't go to any other hearing clinic to have it serviced) while others are unlocked which gives you total freedom. For most, this is not a huge concern, but if (for example) there is a possibilty you might relocate to an area which didn't sell the locked device, then you would not be able to get it serviced without a great deal of inconvenience. Just one simple example of how we do our very best to keep you fully informed.


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